[SCCD] Hide Some Status in Change Status Dialog

In Change/Work Order Application, there are a lots of status. To reduce the list you can filter it out by steps below.

  1. Create Condition in Conditional Expression Manager Application with expression below


    above condition is to allow only system admin can see it.

  2. Select WOSTATUS domain in Domain Application.
  3. Select Value you want to hide it. And Click View/Modify Condition
  4. Fill the condition is step 1 and select the application you want to hide the status.


Thank this technote for guideline.

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[SCCD] Filter Graph Option Display by attribute of Result Set

When you enable graph option for result and select display by attribute, you might confuse with many attributes as example below.


SCCD shows all attributes (query column) which are in object of result set’s query.

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