[SCCD] Enable incremental VMMsync

From Technote No.1573669

You can configure Change Polling to allow for Incremental Synchronization with VMMSYNC follow description below

To enable incremental sync you must modify the repository to set change polling to native. This is done using the wsadmin.bat and initializing it using Jython. If your system does not have Jython installed you will need to download it before continuing.
(you can find file jython.jar from the <WAS_SERVER_HOME>/optionalLibraries/jython/ directory on an application server installation then copy to the <WAS_CLIENT_HOME>/optionalLibraries/jython/ directory on your client computer.)

1) From IBM\Websphere\AppServer\profiles\ctgAppSrv01\bin run the command “.\wsadmin.bat -lang jython”

2) Now that the wsadmin command line is open enter the following command to change polling to native.
AdminTask.updateIdMgrRepository(‘[-id ldaprep -supportChangeLog native]’)
Ensure you change LDAPREP to the current name of your repository


3) Once notified that command was successful you need to commit the changes using the following command

4) Restart the Services and Resync the Node Agent

5) Login to Maximo and Bring up the VMMSYNC Crontask

6) Change the 0 to 1 in the Change Polling Field

7) Add the following attribute to the both the Group Mapping and User Mapping

8) Save and Reload the Crontask

Your logs should show [INFO] BMXAA6791I – The VMM synchronizer will perform an incremental synchronization if you have done this correctly.

*Note VMMSYNC now updates the LDAPSYNCPARAMS table with this setup on If you need to force a full sync with this configured you can clear that table or using the cleanldapsyncparams.bat from ibm\smp\maximo\tools\maximo to delete the records

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