[SCCD] Add Relationship to Audit Table

Normally, we can’t not manage audit tables via database configuration application.

Since it filter out by java bean class to show only managed objects.

So we can’t add relationship via database configuration.

But I found a trick to display audit tables in database configuration !!

The steps are below

  1. Go to Application Designer, export presentation of CONFIGUR.
  2. BACKUP configur.xml 
  3. Open in text editor and remove beanclass=”psdi.webclient.beans.configur.ConfigurBean”  in presentation tag.
  4. import to system.
  5. Go to Database Configuration application, you will see the audit tables now.
  6. Select an audit table you want to add relationship, and create new row.
  7. Save them.
  8. Back to Application Designer then import BACKUP configur.xml from step 2.


Remark : This trick has not been tested with other modification of audit tables. So I don’t recommend you to do in production environment at first time.


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